The Best 16 Hens Night Ideas in New Zealand

The Top Hens Night Ideas in New Zealand

If you’ve been asked to organise a hens night, you want the event to go off without a hitch. But which hens party ideas could possibly appeal to the bride-to-be and her entire gaggle of girls?

Relax and take a deep breath. We’ve assembled the top hens night ideas to make her last hurrah as a single lady one she’ll never forget… probably.

Cocktail Making Class

Who doesn’t love cocktails? Your bride tribe is probably more familiar with drinking these beverages than making them. Cocktail-making classes are the perfect chance to learn what goes into making these delicious alcoholic treats and get some experience producing them yourself.

Shake and sip your way to an amazing time with this brilliant hens party idea.

Dance Class

The bride-to-be will need to put on her dancing feet when her wedding comes around. That makes a dance class just the ticket for an unforgettable hens night.

Whatever the preferred genre of your guest list, a dance class is a surefire night of incredible fun. From burlesque to ballet, get moving and have some fun with this hens party idea.

Dance Class

Boat Cruise

New Zealand isn’t short on pristine lakes, rivers and oceans, and a love for these waterways is shared by all Kiwis. A boat cruise with a stunning NZ backdrop is ideal for any hens night.

Once you’ve decided to set sail for a hens night, a whole world of opportunities opens up. You can book a private cruise or go as part of a larger group. You can browse your options to see which offers the best catering packages. And don’t forget to consider adding some male entertainment to your experience.

No matter where you are in New Zealand, setting out on a stunning boat cruise is a can’t-miss night of fun.

Party Bus

If you’re lucky, your bride-to-be will make her intentions for her hens night very clear to you. For those who have decided a big night out on the town is the way to go, a party bus is a compulsory addition.

Get the festivities started early with a fully-stocked bar and impressive sound system pumping all your favourite tunes. You might not want to ever get off!

Life Drawing Class

Get cheeky with this hens night party idea. What better way to send off a bachelorette into the wonderful world of marriage than with the chance to paint a scantily clad model? A life drawing class is naughty hens night fun for the bride-to-be and all her besties.

Sip and Paint Session

For a more low-key and creative affair, why not consider an evening of painting beautiful artwork while drinking delicious wine? Sip and paint evenings are enormously popular for good reason. This girl’s night classic is well-worth a look-in for hens parties.

If this sounds like the hens night of your bestie’s dreams, book your sip and paint session with Pinot & Picasso. You can also browse our range of hens night packages to ensure your evening is perfectly tailor-made to your needs.

Sip and Paint Session with the girls for a hen's party at Pinot & Picasso

Wine Tours

Chances are you’ve guzzled many glasses of wine with your favourite bachelorette. There’s no better way to mark this new chapter in her life than with a wine tour.

New Zealand is home to a thriving community of wineries, and they tend to be in some pretty picturesque locations. No matter where your hens party is taking place, there’s sure to be an exceptional wine tour waiting for you.

Wine Tours

House Party

There are plenty of reasons to head out for a hens party. But if you’d prefer to micro-manage every facet of the event, you might be better off hosting it yourself.

Holding a house party for a hens night allows you to take complete control of the catering, drinks and entertainment. There’s nothing like watching the queen hen enjoy cocktails and cake knowing you’re the one who made it all happen.

If you don’t mind putting in a bit of extra effort to ensure the event is a success, a house party is the perfect hens party idea to suit any budget.

Topless Waiter

This girl’s night essential is an even more enticing prospect when a hens house party is on the cards. A topless waiter is the ideal final taste of freedom as your bestie leaves her single days behind her.

Pole Dancing Class

Many women have a pole dancing class on their bucket list, and a hens night is the perfect time to cross it off. It might just seem like cheeky fun, but there’s genuine artistry that goes into pole dancing. These classes are usually run by very passionate teachers who will love to show you just how enjoyable it can be.

Who knows? It might become you and your besties’ new favourite group activity.

Spa Treatments

Some ladies want their hens night to be their last hurrah as a single woman, and aren’t too concerned with how they’ll scrub up the next day.

If your bride-to-be can’t handle the hangover, a more low-key event like a spa night is perfect. She’ll get to recline and enjoy everything from jacuzzis to massages to facials and more.

New Zealand spas often offer views of utterly breathtaking natural landscapes to add even more to your experience. And don’t worry, there are plenty of options for getting a drink or four in the picture as well.

High Tea

Another option that sits on the classier end of the spectrum, a high tea complete with delicious food and beverages is an excellent choice for a hens night party.

From an impeccable Victoria sponge to a delicate egg-and-lettuce sandwich, this most Instagram-worthy of ideas might be exactly what she’s been dreaming of.

High Tea

Book a Hotel Room

Want the momentous feeling of heading out into the big smoke, combined with the level of control offered by a house party? Booking a hotel room for the evening is the best of both worlds. From treehouse lodges in Kaikoura to the luxury Park Hyatt in Auckland, New Zealand is brimming with options for the perfect overnight stay for your bride-to-be.

Staying in a hotel room means you can still head out to your favourite clubs and bars. Then, you can keep the party going back in the hotel any time you like. What’s a hens night without a noise complaint?

Festival or Gig

If her favourite musician is coming to town, combining a big day of music with her final celebration as a single woman is an excellent idea. Live music tends to be something that falls by the wayside when your bestie gets hitched, so this is the perfect chance to get her out to enjoy some tunes one last time.

Low Key Dinner

Are you an aspiring chef? Why not invite all the bride-to-be’s gal pals around for the dinner party to end all dinner parties? If you’d rather spare your guests your cooking, you might consider heading out to any number of exceptional Kiwi restaurants in your area.

New Zealand’s culinary scene is better than ever, making a stunning dinner out at locations like Auckland’s Ahi, Wellington’s Hiakai or Queenstown’s Rātā the perfect hens night ideas for any foodie.

Make a Flower Crown

A flower crown is an indispensable hens night staple. Here’s how you can quickly and easily make your very own.

  1. Shape a piece of craft wire to your desired size.
  2. Tape pieces of greenery – like ivy or myrtle – to the base of the crown.
  3. Create mini-bunches of flowers. Aim for around 3 flowers per bunch, and around 8 bunches in total.
  4. Attach your bunches of flowers to the crown using wire or tape, ensuring you have consistent coverage all the way around.

Consider beautiful native NZ flowers like harakeke, rātā and kōwhai to make your crown even more special.

Make a Flower Crown

Geothermal Hot Springs

An evening in these natural wonders is an excellent way for your bestie to say goodbye to her single days.

From breathtaking views of the Shotover River in Queenstown to a stunning stargazing experience in Lake Tekapo, there are brilliant options to enjoy hot springs all over New Zealand. It’s the perfect activity for a more relaxed hens do. Even the mother will enjoy this crowd-pleaser.

Hens Night Party Games

No matter what activity you’re partaking in, it’s a great idea to prepare some ideas for hens night games. Here are a few of our top picks.

Mr and Mrs Quiz

The bride-to-be’s betrothed might be about to steal your bestie away from you, but you’ll need to collaborate with them to get this party game off the ground. Quiz them on a detailed list of questions about their relationship.

Then, when the big night rolls around, fire the same questions back at the queen hen and watch judgement and hilarity ensue.

Truth or Dare

This classic game is the perfect addition to your hens night plans. The Truth section of the game is the perfect chance to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about her partner and their relationship.

Meanwhile, your dares can range from prank calls to bouncer selfies to photobombing and more! If you’ve known the bride-to-be for a long time, this game is sure to provide the perfect hit of nostalgia.

Never Have I Ever

There’s no better time to extract all of the bride-to-be’s juiciest secrets. This game is also a great option if you’re organising a hens night involving multiple groups of her friends. It’s the perfect icebreaker, as you’ll find out oh-so-much about each other before you meet up again at the wedding.

Top Tips for the Perfect Hens Night

Top Tips for the Perfect Hens Night

Hens Night Gift Ideas

No hens night is complete without some accessories and mementos for the bride-to-be to remember her last night of freedom. Some of the top gifts she’ll be thrilled to receive include:

  • Hangover self-care kit.
  • Bride-to-be champagne glass.
  • Personalised friendship book.
  • Honeymoon towel.
  • Shot glasses.
  • Naughty earrings or straws.
  • Heart sunglasses.
  • And of course, a bridal sash!

Hens Night Dress-up Ideas

Want to amp things up with some fancy dress ideas? Here are a few of the most entertaining and hilarious themes to go for:

  • Bride and bridesmaids.
  • Angels and devils.
  • Cheerleaders.
  • Pyjama party.
  • Disney characters.
  • Nautical-themed.
  • Disco.
  • Themed outfits from the year the bride-to-be was born.

Hens Night Cake Ideas

It’s well-known that you can’t celebrate anything without cake. A hens night is the perfect time to have some fun and base your design on an uproarious theme, such as:

  • Wedding gown.
  • Barbie.
  • Lingerie.
  • Alcohol! Create some fondant bottles of champagne and don’t forget to include some of the good stuff in the cake itself.
  • Since hens nights aren’t always the most mature of occasions, penises and breasts are a classic choice.
  • For a classier touch, don’t be afraid of a simple floral design.

Book a Sip and Paint Session With Pinot & Picasso

If Pinot & Picasso sounds right for the hens night in your calendar, find your local studio and book a sip and paint session now. Browse our range of hens night packages to tailor the session to your needs. You can decorate the studio to your heart’s content and take advantage of unique additions like a drag queen host and a Paint the Bride session.

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