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Day One of Pinot & Picasso

Gathered around a makeshift office table in a humble workspace, two young (handsome) lads were meticulously envisioning the start of their next chapter — its look, its feel, its soul.

After a daring bluff with a real estate agent, they sealed a lease, pretending the company had been in motion for months, just awaiting the ideal space. Little did the agent know that this idea had sprouted just days prior, sparked by a night out at a similar concept in Sydney. “We can make this great,” said one of the founders. 

With that, Pinot & Picasso was born. 

Catchy and captivating, this gave two naive 20-something-year-olds the confidence to go full steam ahead.

“We need someone brimming with personality, someone who is happy to work weekends. A university student that loves art could be great, but loving art isn’t the ultimate deal-breaker. But personality is. After all, this will be a form of entertainment,” declared one of the founders.

“If we’re aiming to captivate adults, we should divide the artwork into three distinct parts. Beginnings for backgrounds, a focal point for the middle, and fine details for the end. We don’t want people coming to us after a long week at work, only to be lectured for hours,” interjected the other.

“Our customers need to feel empowered to slap paint onto a canvas, to tap into a creative side that they could have suppressed since their school days.”

“But what about drinks? Let’s provide glassware and a fridge, and let them bring their drink of choice. Expensive wines or cheap and nasty concoctions —we won’t judge. Give us some” 

“Let’s create easy-listening playlists that it’s hard to not sing-a-long or dance to. It’ll make them feel even more at ease. We need them to leave much happier than when they first arrived.” 

As they volleyed ideas back and forth, their gazes locked, as if they had just cracked the code to bring this unfamiliar concept to life.

If only it were that effortless.

After assembling the final product, they delved into the groundwork required for the grand opening. Bank accounts, furniture suppliers, a logo, a website, marketing channels, risk assessments, council approvals, painting, electrical work, carpentry—the list seemed never-ending. 

Yet, they persevered, and on the 8th of June 2018, opening night arrived.

That night marked the union of two friends, their families, and a close-knit circle of friends, embarking on a journey whose destination remained unknown.

Fast forward to today, five years later. Pinot & Picasso has blossomed into a renowned international brand. The essence of its humble beginnings still permeates through everything they do, but on a grander scale.

People, creativity, and joyful moments have propelled the company to the brink of entering its third country.

Regardless of how vast and expansive the company becomes, the memory of Pinot & Picasso’s day is one we will never let fade.

Anyway, do you want to know more about what we do? Or more so, what you’ll do when you visit us? In an easy few minutes, you can process your tickets online to your selected class. You can choose this based on your favourite artwork or the date that works best for you, or the next available sessions because..why wait to have fun? Then you’ll collect your favourite wine, beer, seltzer, and non-alcoholic drink to bring along to your local purpose-built art studio!

Once you arrive the tunes will be flowing (only the best!), with an artist helping you set up, to turn your blank canvas into a masterpiece! You’ll then be guided through the artwork step-by-step, singing, laughing and enjoying the atmosphere with friends, family or co-workers.

Pinot & Picasso is the ideal entertaining activity for weekend plans, hens nights, birthdays, team-building sessions, kids sessions, brand launches… the list goes on.

Tickets start at $59, and you leave with your very own artwork set for the Louvre! Or… the living room! See you soon, Picasso!