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Auckland CBD Studio

39 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland WE 1050
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Saturday 3rd August 2024


For Min, 12 people (or minimum spend applies) at $75/person (neon nights artwork)

Location: AucklandCBD Studio (39 Remuera Road)

Painting: RNB Neon NIghts Biggle / Neon Nights Adonis - TBC

Please make the deposit to secure the date ASAP! Let me know when you do. Note: You’re date is not reserved till you make deposit Your final payment, choice of artwork and numbers (if more than 12) are due by 21st July 2024


Let me know once you have decided on an artwork or need some opinions, and once your final

numbers are confirmed so that i can make the adjustment to the final payment for you! For a private function you can choose your own artwork.

or for a 3 hour session

You can browse more artworks here or on the website


Also here are some details for the session to note.


Cut off Date for Numbers & Final Payment due : 21st July 2024 However, if more people join past 21st July, just let me know and i will ad a new link for the outstanding payment! Food/Wine: -any food or drink can be brought (eg, Wine, RTD's, Milktea, Coffee*

- we do not advice bringing Hard Liquor (over 30% alcohol, spirits)

- you are welcome to bring your own catering, or alternatively

Grazing Boxes: ranges from $120-$485

Her name is Catherine from the Platter Collective.

The Platter Collective | Grazing Table Catering & Platters | Auckland - Please tell the caterer to deliver the platter boxes at session start time (7pm) or during session - we have plenty of glassware available on premise, there is a fridge to keep drinks cold, as well as a small kitchenette with a microwave, sink and kettle! - We have napkins and disposable cutlery available on premise

- however i advise you to bring your own knife for cutting and bowls if needed - also please drink responsibly, and we have plenty of water available on premise if needed

- drugs and smoking not allowed Structure of the day: 630pm: earlier arrival for decoration 650: Guests start arriving 7pm: guest arrival on time 7.15pm - 930: Painting session (with some breaks in between - can eat/drink while painting) - 930-945pm: Finishing up details/ soft packing up 10pm: Leave premise, and take masterpieces home with you! ___________________ ALSO, let me answer your questions below!

Just a few questions, We will bring in our own nibbles and drinks ( Non- Alcoholic beverages )
  1. Are we allowed to have alcohol on sight? Yes! you are welcome to bring Beer/Wine/RTD's - we do not advice hard liquor (over 15%) as we ensure a safe drinking environment
  2. Will you have a table available for food and drinks ? Yes we will have an extra table set up for the food and drinks!
  3. Do we bring in our own glassware, cutlery etc? We will provide the glassware, and we have disposable cutlery, however i advice bringing your own knife if you have to do chopping!
  4. We will have our own playlist; can we connect our phones to your system? Do we need to put on USB hook it up to laptop? We play music via our spotify playlist on the work phone connected to the speaker, so just let us know what music you would like to play
  5. Decorations, could I have a photo of the studio?  What type of deco can we do? You can do any non permanent decoration, that can be taped/blu tacked to the wall - please take these down after the session ends! Also here is a video of our studio! https://www.instagram.com/p/CxMq3IyRWNF/
  6. Are we allowed to come and setup the studio before session time starts? Yes you may come at 630!
  7. Chairs – Some of my guests are plus size for their comfortability, what type of seats are available? Are there ones with no handles on the side?  All of our chairs are steel frame wooden seat adjustable bar stools!
  8. Parking – I know the studio on the main road, do you have any recommendations where guests to park? We have free parking at the wilson parking in our building for the length of the session - just let our artist know and they will provide you parking coupons to display on your dashboard!

What we offer
All sessions include guidance from one of our artists to assist you in releasing your inner Picasso. Canvas sizes are 16′ x 20′ for Standard Sessions, 12′ x 16′ for Kids Sessions and Textured Art includes a frame! The only thing you’ll need to bring is your favourite beverage, some nibbles and your imagination.
A blank canvas
Acrylic paints & brushes
Protective apron
Table easel
Glassware for your beverages
Add-ons available^

NOTE: If you are purchasing a ticket to an advertised catered event, please check the event information for more details of inclusions. ^ Please check the availability on the Add-on page.

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