The #1 End of Financial Year Party & Team Building Activity

EOFY Work Collaboratively

No matter the team, make them feel seen and surprise them with an EOFY party at Pinot & Picasso (rhyming like Dr. Suess optional).

This end of financial year, our sip and paint experience is the perfect staff EOFY party idea (1: because we created it. 2: because other businesses said so and we can prove it!! Just keep reading) to bring the team together and reward them for the year that was.

With our collabor-art-ive sessions, you’ll be able to un-wined with the team while ticking HR boxes – we promise there is ROI on these arty parties – it comes in the form of: great team culture, allowing them to work collaboratively and boost their morale as you all destress through a creative experience. PS: if you need a letter from us listing out more benefits for the EOFY party, you just let us know.

EOFY Team Building

Time To Collabor-art

Team building activities in 2023 can be tricky. You have lots of personalities to cater to, alongside keeping the inner sanctum of your business safe. If you host your EOFY party in our studios, the space is privately yours (meaning you won’t be running into that one client you know you don’t want to see) while allowing your staff to be able to connect in a stress-free environment.

So allow the teamwork to flow, in an environment staff can opt to drink or not drink, while connecting and collaborating with each other as they create a *masterpiece*.

EOFY Collaborate

Pick Your Player (Artwork)

For the office gang, have a go at ‘Cracker’ and you’ll be united closer than Jim or Dwight ever could be. After a cultural hit? ‘Neon Nights: Van Glow’ will have you right in your element; while completing ‘Kaleidoscope’ together will have you bringing your A-game with your very own A-team at your EOFY party!

EOFY Pick Your Artwork

Community Voted: Recommended by Champions

Penrith Panthers head coach (and Pinot & Picasso franchisee) Ivan Cleary sits down and talks about the importance of teamwork!

Ivan Cleary and his wife Rebecca (bec) Cleary who are franchisees of Pinot & Picasso Newport

The best time ever!

Great evening filled with fun, laughter, and creativity with Pinot & Picasso. Couldn't think of a better crew to try this with!

- Tracey

The best team-building activity!

A big thanks to the team for the Pinot & Picasso session! Certainly an event I will remember for many years. Team building and relationships are so vital in any industry. Why not give something outside-the-box a go?

- Greg

Great for team culture!

If there's ever a sign of good team culture, then this is it! The perfect way to chat, and connect over cheese and crackers, and a few glasses of Pinot. A fun and creative team building activity!

- Anne