Four New Artworks Released!

Four New Artworks Released!

Ask and you shall receive! We’ve added 4 NEW artworks to our gallery, and not just any artworks. These new additions cover all bases – Textured Art, Neon Nights, detailed masterpieces and something for the whole family to create. 

Textured Art: Frida

It’s Frida like you’ve never painted her before! Pay homage to the painting icon, Textured Art style. 

Immerse yourself in a fun and mindful experience as you create a one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional artwork of Frida herself. You can add your own personal touch with colours and shapes that best suit your vision. This is a detailed artwork but you’re more than capable of it, we believe in you!

Join us and explore the endless possibilities of this vibrant and dynamic art form combining paint and clay. This artwork is perfect for the living room, kitchen or gifted.

Textured Art - Frida | Pinot & Picasso

Neon Nights: You Wish

Remember your two favourite characters from Shark Tale, Ernie and Bernie? This jellyfish could join the duo!

Join us under UV lights and dive into an ocean of colour with fluro paint. You Wish is the perfect artwork of all Picassos – it’s easy and fun to paint with friends and family. Follow our artist step-by-step guide of blending and brush techniques. Don’t be afraid to use whatever colours for your jellyfish!

The fun continues after dark with our Neon Nights sip and paint experience, where your creation glows under UV lights.

Neon Nights - You Wish | Pinot & Picasso

Neon Nights: Adonis

Is it hot in here or is it these incredibly chiselled abs that I’m staring at? I know what you are thinking, someone definitely turned up the heat.

Create your own Adonis and bring all your desires to life with neon paint. The fun continues after dark with our Neon Nights sip and paint experience, where your creation glows under UV lights. It’s light off, party on.

Neon Nights - Adonis | Pinot & Picasso

Hold Your Horses

Hold your horses, it’s time to Daryl Braithwaite your way into our studio to go paintin’ on those horses, yeah, yeah.

Our artists will be there every trot of the way to assist and support you in your creation of your filly, mare or stallion.

So pack the chardon-neigh or drink of choice and join us in the studio for this majestically good artwork!

Hold Your Horses | Pinot & Picasso

Aren’t these new artworks magnificent? Create your own masterpiece today at your local Pinot & Picasso NZ studio!

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